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What is Mobile PBX?

Mobile PBX, or Mobile Private Branch Exchange, is a telecommunication system that allows businesses to extend traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) functionality to mobile devices. It enables employees to use their mobile phones as an extension of the company's phone system, providing features like call routing, voicemail, conferencing, and other communication services typically associated with a desk phone. Mobile PBX offers flexibility, allowing employees to work from anywhere while staying connected to the business phone system.

How does it benefit your business?

Streamlined Communications:

Simplify your business with a single, unified landline number.

Cost Efficiency:

Reduce landline call expenses and enjoy the full spectrum of PBX features, whether in the office or on the go.

Embrace Mobility:

Say goodbye to the need for desk phones, costly cabling, or LAN equipment.

On-the-Go Responsiveness:

Your team can handle business calls from anywhere, even when they're out of the office.

Financial Control:

Keep track of call expenditures with in-depth reports.

Custom Call Control:

Decide which numbers your staff can dial.

Easy Management:

Seamlessly oversee MPBX features and functionalities through our intuitive online portal.

Your Number, Your Way:

Maintain your private number and personal contracts.

Privacy Priority:

Safeguard your personal mobile number.

Zero Hassle:

Make and receive calls as you normally would, using your personal mobile number.

Business Efficiency:

Place business calls without incurring extra costs or dipping into bundled minutes on your private mobile contract.

Call Flexibility:

Manage when you're available to receive business calls.

Personal Empowerment:

Take charge of your personal MPBX features and functions via the online portal.

No Extra Costs:

Rest easy knowing there are no charges to your personal mobile contracts for MPBX licenses.


Seamless Number Migration:

Whether you want to keep your existing fixed-line number or opt for a brand new one, the choice is yours.

Effortless Call Routing:

Inbound business calls will effortlessly find their way to your linked mobile device, complete with caller identification. No more guesswork about who's on the line.

Professional Caller ID:

When making outbound business calls, your fixed-line number will be displayed, making sure your personal and business calls remain distinct.

Open to All:

MPBX is accessible to all subscribers, whether you're on a prepaid or post-paid MTN mobile voice contract.

Retain Your Identity:

Worried about losing your current mobile number? Worry not! You can keep it with MPBX.

Device Flexibility:

Whether you're using a feature-rich smartphone or an entry-level device, MPBX works seamlessly with both.

Complete Control:

For corporate users, the Advance Feature Pack ensures full control over which numbers can be dialed from linked mobile devices.


Standard Extension User License

Unlock the essentials with our Standard package. It's your gateway to a world of telephony features that empower you to make the most of your communication. Enjoy Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, and a host of other features designed to elevate your phone experience.


Advanced Feature Pack (Requires Standard License) 

Elevate your communication experience with our Advanced Feature Pack, the key to unlocking the full spectrum of Mobile PBX capabilities. Seamlessly transition between calls with Call Transfer, keep your callers entertained with Music on Hold, access your office remotely, and much more. It's the ultimate tool for harnessing the power of Fixed and Mobile integration.

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